Version 2.2

WP Hide Dashboard version 2.2 was released on 12/6/2012 for WordPress 3.4 and 3.5.

Description: This plugin removes the Dashboard menu, the Personal Options section and the Help link on the Profile page, hides the Dashboard links in the toolbar menu (if activated), and prevents Dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role. Useful if you allow your subscribers to edit their own profiles, but don't want them wandering around your WordPress admin section.

Users belonging to any of the other WordPress roles will continue to see and have access to the other sections of the WordPress admin that correspond to their role's capabilities.

WP Hide Dashboard has been tested with WordPress in Single mode and Multisite mode, and works with both of them.

What's New:

  • Support for WordPress version 3.3 and earlier removed.
  • Reworked most of the code to remove fatal error issue, ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.4 and 3.5.
  • Reworked how Multisite user scenarios (assigned to no blogs/1 blog/2+ blogs) are handled.

Note: Version 2.2 requires a minimum of WordPress 3.4. If you are running a version less than that, please upgrade your WordPress install before installing or upgrading.


WordPress 3.5 default Subscribers profile page and public-facing site (Single)
WordPress 3.5 default Subscribers profile page and public-facing site (Single)

WordPress 3.5 Subscribers profile page and public-facing site with WP Hide Dashboard activated (Single)
WordPress 3.5 Subscribers profile page and public-facing site with WP Hide
Dashboard activated (Single)

WordPress 3.5 default Subscribers profile page and public-facing site (Multisite)
WordPress 3.5 default Subscribers profile page and public-facing site (Multisite)

WordPress 3.5 Subscribers profile page and public-facing site with WP Hide Dashboard activated (Multisite)
WordPress 3.5 Subscribers profile page and public-facing site with WP Hide
Dashboard activated (Multisite)

35 Responses to Version 2.2

  1. corij says:

    Thanks for creating this easy to use plug in!

    While playing around with accessing admin screens as a subscriber, I noticed I could get to the about page. I've made a minor modification to prevent people from getting to the about page using the method you use to prevent people from getting to the dashboard page (via direct url). Not elegant, but works for me:

    added $pagenow to the global declaration on line 144:

    global $blog, $current_user, $id, $parent_file, $pagenow, $wphd_user_capability, $wp_db_version;

    Added a check to see if it was about.php in addition to check for index.php on line 174:

    } else if ($parent_file == 'index.php' || $pagenow == 'about.php') {

    There are probably other pages I could get to that I don't know about, so hopefully I can discover those and block them as well.

    • Kim says:


      Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know about this. I'll take a look at it and trying to include a fix in the next version!

  2. I was recently made aware of that users after WordPress update 3.5 users with the role as "subscriber" have access to Products, Galleries and Events. I was hoping that your plugin would prevent subscribers from having that capability.

    I installed your latest plugin ver 2.2. I am not using any of the plugins listed as conflicts. My WordPress site is at 3.5 and the theme, Limon has been updated to 3.5.

    I cleared my cache and tried and logged in as subscriber in 3 different browsers.

    Any ideas on how I could get your plugin to work would be helpful. Thanks for the plugin.

    • Kim says:


      The menu items you list - Products, Galleries and Events - are not default WordPress menu items. They are being added by either your theme or one/more of your plugins.

      My plugin is not designed to hide menu items added by other themes/plugins, it's only meant to hide the Dashboard links in the admin menu and the toolbar.

      The list of known conflicts is limited to what has been reported to me already and is not all-encompassing. With tens of thousands of themes and plugins available, both free and paid, there is no way that I can test against all of them.

      For events, it appears you are using the Events Manager plugin. I'm not sure what you're using for the galleries and products - possibly those things are handled by your theme, and that's where the menu items are coming from.

      In any event, you need to go back to the plugin author and/or theme author and have them fix their products to properly hide those menu items from the Subscriber role. Both the Events Manager plugin and your theme are paid products, and I have no way of looking at their code to see where the conflict is.

      If they are unwilling to fix their products, then I recommend you use the Admin Menu Editor plugin to hide those 3 menu items from Subscribers.

  3. Thanks for your efforts to make WP an easier place be-

    While testing I noticed on a self hosted site while Jetpack is activated the Jetpack menu was still available in the sidebar. Added an additional- remove_menu_page at line 166:

    remove_menu_page('jetpack');		/* Hides Jetpack menu */

    For some reason, I don't understand, using ('admin.php?page=jetpack') didn't work, nor did using remove_submenu_page('jetpack')?

    Again, thanks for a great plugin.

    • Kim says:

      @bruce john stracke: I looked into why Jetpack is showing up for subscribers - it is so they can opt in to the Toolbar Notifications.

      I found this thread on the forums: How do I disable Jetpack from subscribers?. In that thread there is a link to a plugin called Jetpack Only for Admins.

      I would suggest removing the modification from my plugin, and install the above plugin instead. I've tested it with my plugin and there are no conflicts with running both at the same time.

      Any modifications you've made to my plugin will be lost when I release the next version and you upgrade. By using this other plugin, you won't have that issue.

  4. Jan says:

    Hi Kim,

    I just installed your plugin and have a problem since then.

    I get an error msg when I want to update my profile picture of a subscriber test account on the WP admin page. Error msg is:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hairtran/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 1290

    I hope you can help me.


  5. Trisha says:

    Hi Kim.....I recently updated my WP version to 3.5.1 (from 2.8.4) and my WP Hide Dashboard plugin to 2.2.......since then after I login WP takes me to the homepage of my site, not my dashboard, even though I'm an admin-level user. I have to type in the URL bar my url followed by /wp-admin/index.html to actually get to my dashboard.

    Is it possible that the plugin might be doing this? Is there some small tweak I could add to my functions.php file to force the dashboard for admin users? I don't mind at all if subscribers get redirected to the home page, but when I login it's generally to get some work done, not read my site....

    Thanks for any insight or help you can offer. :-)

    • Kim says:


      First, congrats on finally upgrading both your WordPress install and your plugins. Hope your theme was upgraded too. It's always best to the run the latest version - keeps you and your content safe. :)

      My plugin does not redirect admin users, only subscribers, and the subscribers should be directed to their profile page, not the website. It sounds like you have another plugin, or something in your theme's functions.php file that is causing that redirect.

      To isolate the issue, I'm going to ask you to do some troubleshooting.

      1. Deactivate all of your plugins, including mine, and log out of your site.

      2. Go to /wp-login.php and log in to your account. You *should* be directed to the dashboard.

      3. If you are directed to the dashboard, then reactivate my plugin only. Log out, log in again, see where you are sent. Once again, you should end up on the dashboard.

      If so, leave my plugin activated, and one at a time, reactivate each plugin, log out, log in again, see where you are directed. Keep track of each one you activate and where you are directed after logging in. When you reactivate a plugin and the redirect to your site returns, there's your troublesome plugin.

      Please post back here after you've done the testing and let me know your results.

  6. xuzhin says:

    i installed your plugin which is looking great, but need some help with it.

    is it possible to have hide dashboard work on other roles? like custom roles?

    • Kim says:

      @xuzhin: I no longer provide support for this plugin working for any role other than Subscriber (see the FAQ). You might take a look at the Admin Menu Editor plugin to see if it handles custom roles.

  7. Tim says:

    hi Kim,
    I am looking for a plugin which will hide the dashboard, as your plugin does, but i do not want to re-direct users to their profile. Instead I want the dropdown, under my sites to lead users to the front end. Is there a alteration I could make to your code to achieve this?

    Thank you!

    • Kim says:

      @Tim: That would require custom code, which falls out of the scope of providing support for the plugin. Unfortunately, my busy schedule doesn't permit me to do any custom work.

  8. stephanie says:


    I recently installed your plugin in but found that it was not what I was needing. I deleted the plugin but my user dashboard will not return to the original format. Can you tell me how i can go back to the default dashboard?


    • Kim says:

      @stephanie: Since you've deleted my plugin, it sounds like there's another plugin causing that issue. Try disabling all plugins to see if the issue is fixed. You can then turn them back on, one at a time, and test (view user dashboard) to see if the issue returns. If it does, you'll know which plugin is causing it.

  9. Mark says:

    Is it possible to have the profile page match my theme? I'd prefer to not let users see anything that is WordPress-based.

    • Kim says:

      @Mark: You'll need to use the Theme My Login plugin to do that. That plugin will allow you to create a login page on the front end for your users so that they are not redirected to the profile page in wp-admin. Once set up, you won't need my plugin any longer.

  10. Bobby says:

    My web host provider is forcing me to go to WP 3.6.1. Is WP Hide Dashboard is compatible with 3.6.1?


  11. Rodrigo says:

    I find this plug in and i think is perfect.

    I download and activate in my site, the problem is i dont find the options plug in or how can i use it, there is no tutorial?

    im using WP. 3.6. I Hope you answer me

    best regards

  12. Arnold says:

    Hi Kim

    Does this work with WP 3.7.1? Because I cant seem to get it to work.


    • Kim says:

      @Arnold: Yes, it works fine with 3.7.1. What are the problems you are having?

      • Arnold says:

        After I installed it and log in as a Subscriber, nothing has changed in the dashboard section. I can still see the dashboard link and everything related to wordpress.Looks like the 1st screenshot on this page.

        • Kim says:

          @Arnold: I'm going to ask you to provide the following information so I can help you troubleshoot this:

          1. WordPress mode (single user or multisite)
          2. WP Hide Dashboard version
          3. List of all plugins you have installed and activated in your WordPress install. This helps me to detect if your issue is caused by a conflict with another plugin you are running.

  13. Javid Rad says:

    My WordPress version 3.7.1, WP Hide Dashboard version 2.2.

    Don't show role or add new role. Please help me.

    Error: Note: This version requires a minimum of WordPress 3.4. If you are running a version less than that, please upgrade your WordPress install now

    • Kim says:

      @Javid Rad: The plugin doesn't show any roles. It is designed to work with the Subscriber role only.

  14. harsh says:

    Hi there,

    I want to hide my dashboard for other role such as author. can you please help us how do i achieve that???

    Thanks in advance.. :)


  15. harsh says:


    I have recently used A plugin Events Manager. I was using wp-hide dashboard to only show the profile other than administrator. It was working fine before installing Events Manager.Now a subscriber can see events as we as profile on its dashboard. It is not able to hide events.

    Hope you add this in your new release.


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