Version 2.0

WP Hide Dashboard version 2.0 was released on 6/18/2010 for WordPress 3.0.

Description: This plugin removes the Dashboard menu, the Tools menu, the Personal Options section and the Help link on the Profile page, and prevents Dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role. Useful if you allow your subscribers to edit their own profiles, but don't want them wandering around your WordPress admin section.

Users belonging to any of the other WordPress roles will continue to see the Dashboard link, the Tools menu, the Personal Options section and the Help link, and will have access to the other sections of the WordPress admin that corresponds to their role's capabilities.

What's New:

  • Code reworked; support for WordPress version 2.5 – 2.8 removed.
  • Updated menu removal code for compatibility with WordPress 3.0 (single user mode).
  • Added code to remove Personal Options section on Profile page (props to Matthew Pollotta).


WordPress 3.0 default Subscribers profile page
WordPress 3.0 default Subscribers profile page

WordPress 3.0 Subscribers profile page with WP Hide Dashboard 2.0 activated
WordPress 3.0 Subscribers profile page with WP Hide Dashboard activated

21 Responses to Version 2.0

  1. Scot says:


    I'm using a theme that has a custom author page plus publishing of posts is done entirely on the front end. So, I'd actually like to hide all of the items in the admin profile, and the two remaining menu items left that I'm seeing (posts, profile) after installing v2.0 on WordPress 3.

    How might I add these items?


    • Kim says:

      This plugin is for the Subscribers profile, not Contributors or Authors. How does your theme redirect your authors when they log in?

      • Scot says:


        I'm using a theme that has posting and a custom profile page for members all on the front end ( You can even change your password on the front end and there is no interaction with the admin profile whatsoever.

        I am using another plugin that adds a signature to all posts (wp signature). To add your signature, you need to edit in your admin profile. I've tried to figure out a way to include this in the custom profile for this theme but no luck, so I'd like to hid all elements of the profile except this field (it's a tinymce form field).

        I've already made the edit to roles to enable it for authors. I just was hoping I could edit that js file in your plugin to remove the remaining profile items.


        • Kim says:

          Scot: I downloaded the TinyMCE Signature plugin and installed it on my dev install. I've come up with a way for you to use my plugin to hide everything on the Profile page except for the Signature section that the plugin inserts. First, edit version 2.0 of my plugin. Change line 70 to read as follows:

          echo "n" . '#your-profile { display: none; } .update-nag, #screen-meta, .form-table, #your-profile h3 { display: none !important; }';

          This hides the h3 headings and the tables (Name, Contact Info, About Yourself) using css.

          Then edit the TinyMCE Signature plugin. Look for the following line:

          <h3><?php _e('Signature', 'tinymce_signature'); ?></h3>

          Change it to read as follows:

          <h4 style="font-size: 14px;"><?php _e('Signature', 'tinymce_signature'); ?></h4>

          Notice I've changed the heading tag to an h4 so that it will show up on the profile page.

          Give this a try and let me know whether it works for you on your WordPress install.

          • Scot says:


            Works like a charm! It's a bit of a workaround, obviously, but the only way I could figure out how to do it (the beauty of WordPress). I may need to speak to Matt about hiding the remaining Menu items that I'm seeing (Posts, Profile) or could I do that with your borrowed code as well? I guess it amounts to the same thing.

            Thanks so much for this...

  2. Scot says:


    Actually, I've answered my own question and removed menus 5 and 70 (Posts, Profile). I now have a clean (and I mean clean) dashboard with only the signature form showing. I'll likely style this to my own site now and may add a custom menu or two, but this was a great help to me and may be a guide for others. Now of only I could hide that annoying left pointing arrow that deflates the menu without hacking the core. :)


    • Kim says:

      @Scot: You don't need to hack core to hide that separator. I'm already hiding the one below the Dashboard link in the plugin. The other separator that needs to be hidden is #59:

      unset($menu[59]);		/* Hides arrow separator under Comments menu item */
      • Scot says:


        Ah, should have seen that one. I can't seem to find a list of these menu numbers in the codex. Is it possible to remove the Profile icon above as well?

        • Kim says:

          The menu numbers aren't in the Codex. You need to check wp-admin/menu.php - it lists each menu number and the submenu numbers under each one for the core admin menu.

          To hide the icon, change line 70 to read:

          echo "n" . '#your-profile { display: none; } .update-nag, #screen-meta, .form-table, #your-profile h3, .icon32 { display: none !important; }';

          This will still leave the Profile heading at the top, but the icon won't show any longer.

  3. kuldeep says:

    what i want is when any other user logins other than admin, user should be able to see profile link, and when he clicks that link, profile page will appear...i dont want the wordpress logo W to appear instead i want my logo or i want the user to edit his profile in my custom pages (which will be same as my homepage, so he can see menu bars and all), dont want that dashboard layout.

  4. lorenzo says:

    hi Kim, this plugin is a great idea!

    i'm not a programmer but 'chew' code a bit. i'm using WP3.0 and Buddypress. one of the most annoying thing which is not solved is that a user could access their profile both via the dashoard (WP version) and from Buddypress (i.e.,

    how would you go about modifying your plugin to redirect to the Buddypress page instead of the standard wp profile? i took a look to the code of the plugin, but i admit i was a little bamboozled... any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. (of course if you had an option page allowing people to tick what boxes they want to display it would make this plugin just perfect)

    • Scot says:


      You might try the BuddyPress Redirect to Profile plugin. Hasn't been updated to 3.0 yet but worth a try:

      • lorenzo says:

        Scot thanks for the tip, but not what i'm looking for.
        i've looked at the plugin you suggested, but maybe i didn't explain myself.
        i don't want people to be redirected to the BP profile after login. i want them not to be able to access the 'normal' wp profile page (from the dashboard or direct link) and this is why this plugin seems brilliant. i can manipulate the way the dashbard looks

        • Kim says:

          @lorenzo: I've not worked with BuddyPress, and haven't tested this plugin with BP or WordPress Multisite. Have you put up a request in the BuddyPress forums to see if anyone there knows how to accomplish what you want?

          With regard to providing an options page to allow people to check what items they want to display, there's already a plugin that allows you to modify the admin menu called Admin Menu Editor. I don't know if it works with BuddyPress or not, but you might take a look at that.

  5. Jim says:

    I had found a post in a forum where you had posted a link to this site about hiding the dashboard link in the "sidebar login" plugin. Your site is under construction right now so when I click on that link it brings me to the site is under construction page. Is there any way you could post the directions on how to do that here or email them to me? I would really appreciate it. Amazing plugin by the way. Really convenient. Thanks

    • Jim says:

      I apologize. The new sidebar login has this feature built in to it's options. Well thanks for the great plugin!

      • Kim says:

        @Jim: You are most welcome - glad you like the plugin!

        I'm in the process of getting redirects in place for the old links out there so they go to the new location for that content rather than the holding page. Hope to have that done in the next few days.

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