Support is provided on the page corresponding to the version of the plugin you are using.

I have closed comments on the pages for older versions. First rule of thumb for support: you need to upgrade both your WordPress install and the plugin to the latest versions to see if that fixes your problem.

I also ask that you provide the following information if you are experiencing an issue:

1. WordPress version and mode (single user or multisite)
2. WP Hide Dashboard version
3. Description of the problem. Please provide as much detail as possible, including any error messages.
4. List of all plugins you have installed and activated in your WordPress install. This helps me to detect if your issue is caused by a conflict with another plugin you are running.

Please note: Support means you are having an issue with the plugin on your WordPress install and you need help getting it to work. Support does not include how to customize or recode the plugin to make it do something other than what it was designed for.