WP Hide Dashboard 2.2

With the release of WordPress 3.5 right around the corner, version 2.2 of WP Hide Dashboard is now available for download from the wordpress.org Extend section. Those of you who have the plugin installed should see an upgrade notice show up in your WordPress dashboard.

The new version of the plugin has some significant changes to it:

  • Support for WordPress version 3.3 and earlier removed.
  • Reworked code to remove fatal error issue, ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.4 and 3.5.
  • Reworked how Multisite user scenarios (assigned to no blogs/1 blog/2+ blogs) are handled.

Version 2.2 now requires a minimum of WordPress 3.4 for it to work.

A critical issue was brought to my attention a few days ago regarding version 2.1 causing a fatal error with WordPress 3.5. I have reworked the code in version 2.2 to take care of that issue, and included support for WordPress 3.4 so that you can upgrade now and not lose functionality.

If you are running version 2.1 of the plugin, you must upgrade to version 2.2 before you upgrade your WordPress install to version 3.5, once it is released, in order to avoid the fatal error issue.

There have been significant changes made to the admin bar (now called the toolbar) since the last plugin release. The code has been rewritten to incorporate those changes, and some extra goodies added, such as removal of the WordPress logo menu, and better handling of different user scenarios in Multisite.

Comments/questions/support requests should be posted on the Version 2.2 page. Please make sure you read the Support page before posting so that you provide me with the information I need to help you.

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