WP Hide Dashboard 2.1

With the announcement of the release of WordPress 3.1 a short while ago, version 2.1 of WP Hide Dashboard is now available for download from the wordpress.org Extend section. Those of you who have the plugin installed should see an upgrade notice show up in your WordPress dashboard.

The new version of the plugin has some significant changes to it:

  • Support for WordPress version 2.9 and 3.0 removed.
  • Support for roles other than Subscriber removed.
  • Reworked code for removing Personal Options section on Profile page.
  • Added support for removing Dashboard links in new admin bar.
  • Added support for WordPress Multisite (mu-plugins and network-activation capable).

In order to continue to keep the code "lean and mean" and take advantage of the new functions available in WordPress 3.1, I have removed support for WordPress versions 2.9 and 3.0. Version 2.1 now requires a minimum of WordPress 3.1 for it to work.

I also removed code to remove menu items for roles other than Subscriber. While I appreciate that some users need this type of functionality for other roles, most don't require it, so I don't want to bloat the plugin with unnecessary code for the majority of users.

One issue that seemed to come up often with version 2.0 was the code that removed the Personal Options section on the Profile page. Whether it was a conflict with other plugins or the fact that the additional javascript file wasn't uploaded to the server, it caused concern for too many users. I have reworked that code so that it is all inside the main plugin file now.

However, the issue that caused a conflict with other plugins still remains. In order to hide the profile page until the javascript is able to hide the Personal Options section, I have to use #your-profile { display: none; }. Other plugins use the same code, and the resulting combination is that the Profile page won't display at all. I have submitted a Trac ticket, requesting that a class (personal-options) be assigned to the h3 and table that are in that section so it can be hidden with just CSS; however, it won't be considered for inclusion until WordPress 3.2.

WordPress 3.1 Admin BarA new feature in WordPress 3.1 is the admin bar. If you've had a blog on wordpress.com, then you know what the admin bar is. The screenshot to the right shows you what a subscriber will see if the admin bar is enabled in WordPress (single mode). The same links show up in WordPress Multisite plus a My Sites menu (see screenshots). I've added code to hide the Dashboard link and only show the Edit My Profile link if the user is on the public-facing site, as well as reworking the My Sites menu in Multisite to only show links to the public-facing sites a user is assigned to.

Last, but not least, I've added support for WordPress Multisite to the plugin. It now works installed in the /wp-content/plugins/ folder and network-activated or just activated on one site in the network, as well as working when installed in the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder.

All that translates to lots of goodies in this version. Comments/questions/support requests should be posted on the Version 2.1 page.

I'd like to give a big shout-out to my friend Ipstenu for beta-testing the plugin for me while I was developing this version. Thanks so much for all your help!

Now, go upgrade WordPress to 3.1, then upgrade WP Hide Dashboard to 2.1, and enjoy!

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