WordPress 3.0 and WP Hide Dashboard 2.0

WP Hide Dashboard 20K DownloadsThis is an awesome week for WordPress and the WP Hide Dashboard plugin.

First, the WP Hide Dashboard plugin hit the 20,000 download mark on the morning of June 16th, just 8 months after hitting the 10,000 download mark last October. I am still truly amazed at the support this simple little plugin has received since it was released in October 2008. Lots of new features have been added since then, and there's more goodness in the latest version, 2.0, which was released just a short while ago.

Second, the release day of the much-anticipated WordPress 3.0 is finally here! This version is the culmination of 6 months of heads-down development, testing, bug whacking, more testing, two betas and 3 release candidates. There were 218 people who made contributions to the 3.0 release cycle, along with the countless testers reporting issues on the wp-testers mailing list and Trac. Check out the video below for a tour of all the cool new features. As Matt Mullenweg said, it truly does take a "village" to build something this awesome!

With the announcement of the release of WordPress 3.0, version 2.0 of WP Hide Dashboard is now available for download from the wordpress.org Extend section. Those of you who have the plugin installed should see an upgrade notice show up in your WordPress dashboard.

The new version of the plugin has some significant changes to it. Enough has changed to warrant this being considered a major release; hence the jump from 1.5 to 2.0 in the version number.

In order to keep the code "lean and mean", I have removed support for WordPress versions 2.5 - 2.8. Version 2.0 now requires a minimum of WordPress 2.9 for it to work. I have done this to encourage people to upgrade their WordPress installs.

Far too many people are running older versions of WordPress and other plugins, as they are afraid to upgrade, and they end up getting hacked. As a plugin author, I don't want to contribute to the problem; hence the change to pull backward compatibility for older WordPress versions from the plugin.

I have also updated the menu removal code to be compatible with WordPress 3.0 in single user mode. I have not done any testing of the plugin with WordPress 3.0 in multisite mode, but plan to do that in the next several weeks. I'll keep you posted on what I find out.

Last, but not least, there is a new feature in version 2.0: the removal of the entire Personal Options section from the Profile page for Subscribers along with the Dashboard link, etc. Major thanks go to Matthew Pollotta of Large Interactive for allowing me to incorporate the functionality from his Hide Personal Options plugin into WP Hide Dashboard. More features FTW!

I've updated the post for the WP Hide Dashboard plugin with the latest information, so check out the changelog for more details. If you have any issues with the new version, please post them there.

Now, go upgrade your WordPress installs and enjoy all of the 3.0 awesomeness!

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