WP Hide Dashboard: One Year In

Today marks the one year anniversary since I released the first version of the WP Hide Dashboard plugin.

WP Hide Dashboard Extend

The plugin started out as a hack to fill a need that I had on a website that I was developing. I tried the version that Thomas Schneider had released as an add-on to his Role Manager plugin, but it required that Role Manager be installed for it to work. This was the only functionality that I needed, so I set out to make it work on its own.

At the time I only planned to use it on my websites, but during the research that I had done for the fix, I found so many people who were needing the same thing and didn't want to bloat their WordPress install with an unneeded plugin just to obtain this functionality. That convinced me that I should release it publicly.

So I went to the wordpress.org Extend section on 10/18/2008, and applied for an account to set up the plugin on their repository. On 10/19/2008 my request was approved, and on 10/20/2008 WP Hide Dashboard was born.

WP Hide Dashboard Trac, Version 1.0

Now, one year later, the plugin has been through four revisions since the initial release to add functionality and ensure that it continued to work with the latest version of WordPress. I have helped people rework the plugin to extend the functionality beyond the Subscribers role, including hiding other menu items for both WordPress core and other plugins. There have been some situations where I was unable to find a resolution for a user's issue, but the majority of issues have been resolved successfully.

Downloads for the plugin are currently at almost 10,800, and still climbing. The average number of daily downloads is around 30, with obvious spikes whenever a new version has been released. The image below shows the download stats from wordpress.org as of the time of this post:

WP Hide Dashboard Download Stats

To be honest, I never expected the plugin to have the response that it has. I knew that it was needed by some people, but to have almost 11,000 downloads in a year's time is awesome.

I plan to continue developing the plugin, and have already done preliminary testing on the nightly builds of WordPress 2.9 - so far, so good. I'll also be testing against the WordPress 2.9 Beta and RC versions when they are released, and will update the plugin if needed.

If you've used the plugin, like it, and would like to help me celebrate, head on over to the WP Hide Dashboard plugin page on wordpress.org and rate the plugin (there's only been 14 people give it a rating in all of those downloads).

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and installed the plugin, blogged about it, linked to it, and supported it. You rock!

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One Response to WP Hide Dashboard: One Year In

  1. Lochgelly says:

    Thanks for the excellent plugin, I wasn't comfy with subscribers being able to view certain info, and also my site was having memory allocation issues in the feeds and would show subscribers the root folder structure of my site, which I felt were a bit of a security risks as not all subscribers are legit and so I didn't want this information shown to potential spammers or hackers.

    Thanks again for writing and releasing this plugin, I've made my vote on WordPress and included your site on our Site Credits links page, thanks :)