WP Hide DashboardWP Hide Dashboard is a simple plugin that removes the Dashboard menu, the Personal Options section and the Help link on the Profile page, hides the Dashboard links in the toolbar menu (if active), and prevents Dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role. Useful if you allow your subscribers to edit their own profiles, but don't want them wandering around your WordPress admin section.

Users belonging to any of the other WordPress roles will continue to see and have access to the other sections of the WordPress admin that correspond to their role's capabilities.

WP Hide Dashboard has been tested with WordPress in Single mode and Multisite mode, and works with both of them.

Latest version: 2.2.1
Requires WordPress Version: 3.4.0 **
Compatible with: 4.1.0
Last updated: January 19, 2015
Downloads: 135,560

** WP Hide Dashboard 2.2.1 requires a minimum of WordPress 3.4.0. If you are running a version less than that, please upgrade your WordPress install before installing or upgrading.

License: This plugin is released under the MIT License.

Works With: The following is a list of plugins that work well (no conflicts) with the WP Hide Dashboard plugin:

Known Conflicts: The following is a list of plugins that are known to have had conflicts with the WP Hide Dashboard plugin:

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