Version 1.2

WP Hide Dashboard version 1.2 was released on 1/22/2009 for WordPress 2.7.

Description: This plugin removes the Dashboard menu, the Tools menu, and the Help link on the Profile page, and prevents Dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role. Useful if you allow your subscribers to edit their own profiles, but don't want them wandering around your WordPress admin section.

Users belonging to any of the other WordPress roles will continue to see the Dashboard link and the Tools menu, and have access to the other sections of the WordPress admin that corresponds to their role's capabilities.

What's New:

  • Added removal of Help link on Profile page.


WP Hide Dashboard, Version 1.2 (2.6)
Screenshot of the upper-left portion of 2.6 admin section

WP Hide Dashboard, Version 1.2 (2.7)
Screenshot of the upper-left portion of 2.7 admin section

Note: Comments are closed for this version. Please update to the latest version of the plugin and post comments/questions on the page for that version.

3 Responses to Version 1.2

  1. David says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to modify the plugin to get rid of the whole "Personal Options" section at the top of the profile screen. Since the subscribers are not entering posts or moderating there is no reason for them to see the confusing options of "Disable the visual editor" and "Enable keyboard shortcuts" or even the admin color chooser thing. Thanks!

    • Kim says:

      David: I agree with you about the Personal Options section, and there was a WordPress Trac ticket created that addresses this very issue - "Dashboard > Profile" Contains options that don't apply to users with "subscriber" role.

      You can see the discussion that's already taken place below the original request. Jane Wells indicated that she feels that the color scheme options needs to stay, even for someone at the Subscriber level. I've advocated removing the other two options (Disable the visual editor and Enable keyboard shortcuts) for users at the Subscriber level. You might add your comments there so that the WordPress devs are aware of how you feel. You can log in to Trac by using your username and password.

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