Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you remove support for other roles from Version 2.1?

A. I removed support for menu items for roles other than Subscriber. WP Hide Dashboard is a simple plugin, and was built for the Subscriber role. While I appreciate that some users need this type of functionality for other roles, most don't require it, so I don't want to bloat the plugin with unnecessary code for the majority of users.

If you need to hide admin sidebar menu links from roles other than Subscriber, I recommend using the Admin Menu Editor plugin to accomplish that goal. Currently it only removes links in the admin sidebar menu. The plugin author has indicated they may add support for removing admin bar menu links in a future version.

Q. How do I change this to hide the Dashboard and Tools menu and Personal and Help options from other roles besides Subscriber?

A. Sorry, I no longer support this plugin working for any role other than Subscriber.