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What WP Hide Dashboard Version Are You Using?

WP Hide Dashboard Active Versions a/o 2-20-2011I was checking out the download stats for WP Hide Dashboard, in particular the active version stats graph.

As of 20 February 2011, 57.5% of the active plugin installs are running the latest version (2.0). That leaves 42.5% of the active plugin installs running older versions of the plugin (1.3, 1.4, and 1.5).

While I've noticed a steady increase in the percentage of active plugin installs running version 2.0 in the past few weeks, the number of installs running older versions causes me a bit of concern.

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30,000 and Counting

Another milestone was reached today - 30,000 downloads. It was 6 months ago that the plugin hit 20,000 downloads. Stats from look pretty awesome!

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WP Hide Dashboard: One Year In

Today marks the one year anniversary since I released the first version of the WP Hide Dashboard plugin.

WP Hide Dashboard Extend

The plugin started out as a hack to fill a need that I had on a website that I was developing. I tried the version that Thomas Schneider had released as an add-on to his Role Manager plugin, but it required that Role Manager be installed for it to work. This was the only functionality that I needed, so I set out to make it work on its own.

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